About Us

Dear Highly Valued Existing Customers & Future Potential Customers,

As the founder and managing director of this newly established wine company, I'd like to now gladly share the following with you:

- How I set up Wine Tycoon since 1st January 2015;
- How I formed our current team of professional wine consultants; &
- How we (our team of professional wine consultants and I) would like to contribute to the Hong Kong wine market.

With 16.5 years of experience in Hong Kong wine business as the director and general manager of the Hong Kong branch of an international wine company, I resigned at the end of 2014 and since then, I personally visited many wineries in Europe (mainly France, Germany, Italy & Spain), attended several major wine exhibitions (e.g. Prowein in Germany & Vinexpo in Hong Kong), and last but not least with the help of several European friends (actually they are definitely buddies of mine), I successfully reached the agreement with more than 20 wineries (all with wines which are not only top in quality but also exceptional in value for money) to exclusively introduce their wines to wine lovers in Hong Kong at the most competitive and affordable prices!

Then in July and August this year (with our first 40 feet reefer, i.e. air-conditioned, container expected to arrive Hong Kong in mid-September), I started looking for our team of professional wine consultants. More specifically, in those 2 months I individually met numerous people who are all already working in the wine industry, but then at the end, I asked only a selected few who are totally passionate in wines (coincidentally they are all very young with WSET Level 3 Certificate) to join us.

During the recruitment interviews with these selected few, I told these young folks that we will not impose any sales target on them, and I clearly remember how surprised and confused they all were! "No sales target at all? I never interviewed a company which has no sales target. Is that even possible? How does it work?" And my explanation to them are as follows:

We're 100% confident in our ability to support you with our portfolio of wines which are all top in quality, exceptional in value for money and most importantly, exclusive to us in Hong Kong. We will further support you with our nicely decorated tasting room (around 1,000 square feet in size within our office which is conveniently located in Lai Chi Kok) which you can utilize by inviting all your existing & potential customers to visit so that they can taste many of our wines for free before purchase. Finally, you will be coached by 3 very experienced wine professionals (including myself) to ensure that all your customers will be totally satisfied with our products and services. Because of all these, you will naturally be happy to put in your best effort to work and improve with us together as a team so why should we impose any sales target on you?

After you read all the above, I guess by now you already know more or less who we are and what we can offer you (i.e. fine wines, good value, free tasting, best advices and top services). Therefore, we now very much look forward to receiving your call anytime at (852) 2898 9900 so that we can do our very best to satisfy all your wine need from now on and eventually become your lifetime wine merchant!

Thanks & Best Regards,
Ron ZEE 徐偉康
Founder & Managing Director
Wine Tycoon Hong Kong Limited