* 2016/09/20:Our Grand Opening
* 2016/09/20:Our Grand Opening Flowers & Fruit Baskets
* 2016/09/02:Our Tasting Room
* 2016/09/02:Our Display Wall
* 2016/09/02:Our Refrigerated Truck & Delivery Team
* 2016/09/02:Our Warehouse
* 2016/09/01:Grand Opening! We Are 100% Ready

Our Grand Opening


Fantastic Grand Opening of Wine Tycoon HK on Sept 20, 2016! ZILLION THANKS to our dear friends for sharing our greatest joyous moments! This memory is absolutely priceless!

Our Grand Opening Flowers & Fruit Baskets


Zillion thanks to our dear friends for all these beautiful flowers & tasty fruits! The aroma lasts not only in our office & doorway but also in our hearts forever!

Our Tasting Room


Our Display Wall


Our Refrigerated Truck & Delivery Team


Our Warehouse


Grand Opening! We Are 100% Ready


Dear Wine Lovers, 

Wine Tycoon Hong Kong Limited is totally ready with around 18,000 bottles in our 24 hours air-conditioned warehouse. 

We are also ready to sell and deliver to our customers immediately after our grand opening party which will happen between 11am and 7pm on Tuesday 20th September in the tasting room of our sales office. 

Last but not least, some bottles of our exclusive products were sent from our warehouse to our office not only as sample for customers to taste for free on our grand opening day but also to complete our office decoration.  

In short: We are not only delighted & excited but also very confident that we will be successful right from the beginning! 

Best Regards,


Founder & Managing Director