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Heinz Eifel

Heinz Eifel founded the Römerhof winery (Roman Yard) in 1979 in the heart of the Mosel Valley in Trittenheim. With the help of his daughter Anne Eifel-Spohr, who assumed the role of winemaker.

The idea behind their collaboration was to pay respect to tradition while incorporating the inspiration of the young winemaker, Anne. So pleased with the quality and individual character of these wines, the Eifel family decided to put their own name on the bottle, thus creating HEINZ EIFEL wines.

Producing top quality German Riesling is more than just a science, it is an art. This vision is deeply rooted at Römerhof and extends throughout the Eifel family. Heinz Eifel Rieslings are a true testament to “The Art of German Winemaking.”